Before Getting Started with CoinMaple You understand and fully accept that there are considerable risks relating to the procurement, sale, and use of digital currencies through CoinMaple, and you also accept that it is your sole responsibility to understand these risks and assume them. 

You accept that: A CoinMaple user account is not a bank account; Any funds or digital currencies in your user account do not earn interest; Any funds or digital currencies in your user account are not in any way insured by us; Only you can access the digital currencies you hold via the services through your private key and these digital currencies will become unrecoverable if you lose your private key. We will not be responsible for assisting you in the recovery of your digital currency should this happen; No central bank can take corrective measures to protect the values of digital currencies in a crisis because they are not legal tender and are not in any way backed by a government: 

The value attributable to digital currencies comes from the continued willingness of market participants to use such currencies. This means that they are highly vulnerable to a collapse in demand as per participants’ confidence; 

The liquidity and price of digital currencies are often subject to large fluctuations, and it is possible for you to lose all the value in your digital currencies at any time, sometimes within the space of 24 hours; Digital currency exchanges are usually the target of cyber-attacks, leading to the loss or theft of digital currencies. In such a case, your digital currencies may become unrecoverable and lost; 

Once we have, on your behalf, broadcast a digital currency transaction to a digital currency network, we cannot recover such; and Sudden, unexpected changes to relevant law may have a negative effect on the use, value exchange, or transfer of your digital currencies.